Fashionable Couple : Kimye

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I’m Sure That EVERYONE Knows Kanye West And Kim Kardashian As One Of The Most Fashionable Couple Out Right Now. I Just Have To Say I Love Love Love Them As A Couple. They Compliment Each others Style So Much. You Can Tell That Kanye Has A Big Influence On Kim Fashion Wise. I’ve Slowly Seen Her Style Change For The Better.










Lana Del Rey : Ride

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Lana Del Rey Newest Video Ride Released October 12th 2012 For Her New Album Born To Die : The Paradise Edition Out November 12 In The UK And November 13 In The US

Happy Birthday

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Just Wanted To Say Happy Birthday To All The Virgos Out There. All Around The World 😁☺😍😍😍😘. Mine Is In 5 Days. Hope You Guys Enjoy 😘

Current Obsession : Demi Lovato

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I’ve Been A Huge Fan Of Demi’s Ever Since As The Bell Rings Came On A Couple Of Years Ago. You May Know Her From Such Movies Camp Rock , Camp Rock 2 . Cameos On Greys Anatomy , By Her Music Or her Personal Life . She’s Been Through Ups And Downs From A Very Public Breakup , A Mini Meltdown , Self Mutilation And Then Finally Realizing She Needs Help By Checking Herself Into Rehab. She Came Out Of All Of Those Situations Triumphant. She Came Out With An Amazing Album , The Love Is Louder Than The Pressure To Be Perfect Campaign , A New Look , She Hosted The 2012 Teen Choice Awards And Is Now One Of The Judges Of The Hit Show The X Factor Along Side Simon , LA Reid And Britney Spears . Words Can’t Even Explain How Much I Love Demi Lol😁😍.




Next Chapter

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I Got Some Really Good Advice From A Friend A Couple Of Days Ago. They Said ” Your Life Is Like A Book , Now That This Chapter Is Done It’s Time To Move On To The Next One ” . Best Piece Of Advice I Got From A Friend In A Whillllle . It Opened Up My Mind And Made Me Really Think. I Hold Back From Sooo Many Things , I Worry So Much About Other People And Their Feelings , I Put People Before Me All The Time A Continue To Get Fucked Over. No More Putting Others Feelings Before Mine. No More Half Assed Anything, NO Holding Back. Let’s See Where This Takes Me πŸ™‚ 😁

🍻Cheers To The Next Chapter . . . . . .

The Bowery Ballroom Presents : The Internet , Kilo Kish , & Phony PPL

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Yesterday I Went To The Bowery Ballroom To See The Internet & Kilo Kish Perform And Ending Up Discovering An Awesome As Shit Band Called Phony PPL As Well. I Was So Fuckin Hype Because This Was My 1st Official Concert. My Friend Malik Tagged Along Because He Didn’t Want Me To Go Alone And Get Kidnapped Lol Plus He Loves Kilo Kish 😍😍😍. It Was A Pretty Chill Environment Everything Went Smooth. Everybody’s Performance Was Really Good . After the Show We Told The Guys Of Phony PPL How Fuckin Awesome They Were, I Met Syd And To Put The Fuckin Icing On The Cake She Signed My Bra Lol . Malik Met The Love Of His Life Kilo Kish And She Gave Him A Kiss On The Cheek. All In All That Night Was Epic 😁😁😁😍😍😍😌. In Case You Guys Aren’t Familar With Some Of The Bands Here Is Some Of Their Stuff. Kilo Kish . Phony PPL . The Internet . Enjoy These Pictures And I’ll Try And Put The Videos Up













Lana Del Ray

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. In The Past Couples Of Hours I’ve Seriously Fallen In Love With Lana Del Ray . She Is Just So Beautiful Her Music Is Awesome . Her Style ? Phhhs *rollseyes* Don’t Even Get Me Started . I’m Currently Familiarizing Myself With Her EVERYTHING As We Speak 😁😁😁😁😌 .


Lana Del Ray Fans You Have Gained Another New Member 😝😁😝😁😍😍