2013 Even Better Than 2012

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Hey Guys ,

2012 Is Slowly Coming To An End These Past Couple Of Months Have Been Absolutely Amazing So Many Things Have Happened. I Have A Bunch Of New Projects Coming In The New Year . I Can’t Wait For You Guys To Know About It !!!!!! Make Sure You Stay Tuned ! 2013 Me And My TAC Team We Are Ready For You !

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Ride Intro

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I Was In The Winter Of My Life And The Men I Met Along The Way Were My Only Summer. At Night I Fell Asleep With Visions Of myself Dancing Laughing and Crying With Them. Three years down the line of being on an endless world tour and my memories of them were the only thing that sustained me and my only real happy times . I Was A Singer Not A Very Popular One Who Once Had Dreams of Being A Poet But Upon An Unfortunate Chain Of Events Saw Those dreams Dashed And Divided Into A Million stars
In The Night Sky That I Wished For Over And Over Again Sparkling And Broken But I Didn’t Really Mind Because I Know It Takes Getting Everything You Ever Wanted And Losing It To Know What True Freedom Is .

When The People I Used To Know Found Out What I’ve Been Doing . How I Had Been Living They Asked Why. But Theres No Use In Talking To People Who Have A Home . They Have No Idea What It’s Like To Seek Safety In Other People , For Home To Be Wherever You Lie Your Head .

I Was Always An Unusual Girl My Mom Told Me I Had A Chameleon Soul . No Moral Compass pointing Due North No Fixed Personality Just an Inner Indecisiveness that Was As Wide And As Wavering As The Ocean . And If I Said That I Didn’t Plan For It To Turn Out This Way Id Be Lying Because I Was Born To Be The Other Woman . I Belonged To No One Who Belonged To Everyone Who Had Nothing Who Wanted Everything With A Fire For Every Experience And An Obsession With Freedom That Terrified Me To The Point That I Couldn’t Even Talk About And Pushed Me To A Nomadic Point Of Madness That Both Dazzled And Dizzied Me .

Every night I Used To Pray That I’d Find My People – And I Finally Did On The Open Road . We Had Nothing To Lose. , Nothing To Gain , Nothing We Desired Anymore. – Except To Make Our Lives In To A Work Of Art.

Live Fast , Die Young , Be Wild, Have Fun.

I Believe In The Country America Used To Be . I Believe In The Person I Want To Become . I Believe In the Freedom Of The Open Road And My Motto Is The Same As Ever I Believe In The Kindness Of Strangers And When Im At War With Myself I Just Ride. I Ride

– Lana Del Rey

Food Through Instagram 9

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Thought I Would Start Off This Lovely Morning With A Food Through Instagram . It’s Been Long Overdue . Enjoy 😝😝.



Diamonds – Rihanna

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This Video Is So Beautiful And Rihanna Looks Beyond Gorgeous Its Almost Scary. Single Off Of Her New Album Unapologetic .

Current Obsession : Hannabeth

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A Current Obsession Is LONG Overdue. I’ve Been Meaning To Do a Blog Post About Miss Hannabeth For A While . I’ve Been Crushing On Her For Soooooo Long . You Guys May Know Her As Demi Lovato’s Best Friend Or From Her Website Sober Is Sexy Or Gracing The Pages Of Nylon For Backstage Clothing. She’s Got Many Titles Attached To Her Name . Socialite, Blogger, Model ,Hello Kitty Maniac & Fashion Designer. One Of The Many Reasons I Love Her Is Her Style It’s So Spunky And Out There Not To Mention Her Bomb Ass Tattoos. You Guys Can Check Out Her Instagram At @Barbiebeth , Her Buzznet & Her Website Sober Is Sexy . Check Out These Photos Of Her Awesome Style And Get Your Crush On . Enjoy 😘





























Fall Saturday

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Haven’t Done One Of These In A While . Enjoy 😬






Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy Has Left The Building But Not Before She Left Her Mark. Hope Everyone Is Ok And Safe. Things Got A Little Crazy Where I Was So We Ended Up Coming Out Here To Good Old Queens . Make Sure To Call All Your Friends And Families To Make Sure They’re Ok . As Of Right Now Trains And Busses Are Still Out . If You’re In The Car Be Careful Of The Trees, Branches And Garbage In The Street . Here Are Some Pictures I Got To Snap On My Way To Queens .